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You need a comprehensive access security system. You want rock-solid doors and locks which protect your buildings and modern keyless lock systems which allow you to configure and monitor them easily and quickly. You want surveillance to watch for misuse of key cards and codes. You want to make sure that people can’t simply break in while your security system watches, bypassing your system through cleverness, trickery or brute force. That’s where the broad background and knowledge of our skilled locksmiths is essential.

Your local locksmith connects the modern world of access control technology with the critical need for traditional physical security. Electronic card key systems and surveillance play an important part of your perimeter control, but if physical entry is easy to achieve even with these systems, your risk mitigation is limited.

Electronic security is a big part of a locksmith’s job, especially in commercial buildings and multi-tenant buildings, but also in single-family homes and smart homes.

Types of Access Control Systems

image of a man using a key card reader in a commercial building

Key card access control systems are are a great way to control who enters your property and when they can enter.

We provide professional design and installation of systems to guard your premises such as:

  • Door access control system technology including card access system equipment which lets you control who has access and when.
  • Electronic locks and Maglock installation to provide either primary or secondary door security by magnetic force.
  • Keypad locks and security cameras to allow access by code with a visual record of who used the code for entry.

Surveillance Systems

Combined with our access control systems, surveillance systems provide additional documentation of everyone who has gained access and when. If you have an existing CCTV camera system with cabling we can upgrade it to a digital DVR-based recording and playback system. If you are starting from scratch let us suggest an easily installed and extended network-based IP camera system that uses an existing or independent digital network. Remote access to your DVR / NVR recording systems not only lets you review videos from your offsite devices like smartphones and computers, but also detect motion and receive updates with pictures of who or what was on camera.

Wireless Surveillance Systems

Many of the access control and surveillance systems that we install are also available in wireless versions which are quick to install and don’t require the wiring that traditional systems need. These are especially useful for those renting a home or apartment and companies leasing short-term office, warehouse or manufacturing space. Wireless systems can operate over your existing WiFi network or, for additional security, we can provide encrypted WiFi access points or ZigBee systems and use a separate network unaffected by your IT systems and employee access.

Home Security

image of a young woman using a Smart Lock on her home's front door (top) and a wireless security camera mounted on a residential wall (bottom).

Smart Locks provide convenient access control for your home (top), and wireless security cameras are a great way to monitor what’s going on around your residence 24/7 (bottom).

Our locksmithing experience gives us the ability to provide a well-designed and professionally installed home security system. We specifically cover your home’s vulnerabilities and ensure that your system is convenient to use. Self-install and technician-installed systems can provide basic functionality, but don’t take your specific building’s features into account. Whether you choose a home wireless security system with surveillance and Smart Lock electronic door access at the front, rear, and garage entrances or more, we’ll provide the experienced, professional support and installation you need. We want you to know you’re secure with a locksmith-designed and installed system.

Security Hardware Installation

Your locksmith is an expert in professional, reliable installation of security equipment. For example, a fingerprint lock may have certain weather-related constraints to work properly,. A magnetic lock or Maglock needs to be installed so that it can handle the repetitive forces of workers accessing secured areas. Door entry systems for offices are very different from those at laboratory or manufacturing entrances. We make sure that swipe card reader access is at the right height to meet your needs and government requirements, and proximity card reader installation keeps them unobtrusive and easy to use. We install solid, long-life electric strikes, outdoor card readers, full-function surveillance systems with professional skill and experience.

Indoor and Outdoor Security Systems

Equipment and mounting strategies vary significantly from indoors to outdoors when you’re providing security cameras that offer high-resolution indoor images or clear outdoor images in all kinds of weather. As professional locksmiths, our expertise in commercial security systems is unmatched when it comes to not only your buildings but approaches, gates, specialized functions and guard shacks. These days, it’s essential to have easy-to-operate and reliable school security systems that staff and teachers can use to control building access and monitor activity around and inside the school. If we notice that your existing doors, locks, video surveillance or specialized locking hardware are vulnerable to misuse or bypass, we can provide detailed recommendations.

Integration and Upgrade Expertise

Trained, certified, bonded and reliable, locksmiths understand how to keep people and property safe and secure. As technology evolves for both unauthorized access and access protection, locksmiths are the best source for the integration of new tech that incorporates existing hardware and equipment, if any.

  • Access control hardware from fingerprint scanners to card-based systems
  • Electronic, keyed or keyless locking hardware
  • Video recording systems with remote access to your DVR traditional digital system or NVR network system.
  • Home surveillance systems that include locks, sensors, surveillance and alarms.
  • Wired CCTV and networked IP cameras, wireless cameras, indoor and outdoor camera systems with professional installation and service.

For insured, legitimate and scam-free, skilled services, turn to Fair Trade Locksmiths for your Access Control and physical security needs.

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