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image of a car key broken off in the ignition lock

If you break your car key off in the ignition lock, Fair Trade Locksmith Directory will help you find a real, local locksmith that can make you new ones.

We’ve all been there. A key gets lost or misplaced and you can’t find the spare. Or the key breaks off in the lock. Either way, you can’t get in when you need to and you need a locksmith, fast. It is a real inconvenience wherever you are, but when it happens to a business, it can cause problems for a lot of people. Delays in beginning, or continuing, the regular day’s business causes problems for employees, customers, and delivery personnel.

When you need a duplicate key, the machine that is used depends largely on your circumstances. The first question is usually whether you have an original key or not.

Understanding the Different Key Duplication Processes

Key Duplication with No Key for Lock

Don’t have a key for the lock? You can still get a key made by a professional, using a code cutter. It takes a skilled locksmith to create a key without one.

A locksmith has the resources needed to make a working key for you. They start by finding the key code’s matching groove depths. With standard house locks, the key code is often found on the key itself or on its lock. The key code is necessary for the locksmith, so they know how the key is to be cut.

Key Duplication from a Key

image of a key duplication machine

If you want copies made of an existing key, a locksmith will use a key duplicating machine like this one.

The best key copy comes from using the original as a template. If you have an original key for the lock, take it to your commercial locksmith. They will use a machine called a duplicate key maker, or key cutter.

The term “cutter” is apt, since the machine duplicates a key by cutting a new one from metal. First, the original key and a blank are fastened in the proper places on the duplicator. The alignment tool helps the machine produce a copy, with the original against the alignment bar. The bar serves as a guide for the cutter’s blade. The blade spins to grind the metal blank, creating a duplicate.

Obviously, the machine is more complex than this, but this is basically how it goes. The machine may do the actual cutting, but the success of your copy depends largely on who is operating it. While many businesses claim to offer key duplication, their personnel are often untrained in anything further than the basics of that specific machine.

Key Duplication with a Laser Cutter

image of a laser key cutter cutting a car key

Laser key cutters make clean, perfect copies of your existing keys.

The laser cutting machine used by locksmiths can be used in the place of key duplicators or code cutters. What makes this machine different is that, instead of notching out the grooves on the key, the laser cutter routers the thickness of the key.

There are a lot of advantages to choosing a Fair Trade Locksmith as your business locksmith. You will have peace of mind, knowing that they can handle all your security needs.

Benefits of Hiring a Fair Trade Locksmith for Your Key Duplication

Honest, Affordable Rates

Locksmith scammers exist, and they use some very tempting bait, including unbelievably low prices for their services. Remember, if it’s hard to believe, it may be because it’s not true.

Often, extra fees and other charges are added to the final bill for services when the job is finished. These scammers use false advertising methods, like bait and switch, and fill the internet with fake company names and locations.

With a Fair Trade Locksmith, you can be assured that you are getting an affordable price you can believe.

Extensive Training

A Fair Trade Locksmith will have a wide range of knowledge about various types of locks, along with experience with many brands, including top companies, like Schlage. They will be able to advise you on better ways to keep you and your property safe, too. This is important, so you can stay current on the best locks for your home or business.

Professional Service

It’s important to get high-quality service, when having a key duplicated. You need to walk away with a key that works properly, and that requires accuracy.

A Fair Trade Locksmith will also be insured. This is your protection in case of accidents on the job.

Finding a Qualified Locksmith

Key duplication for your business is serious business. It is crucial that you control who has access to the business and when. Don’t risk your security with a shady scammer.

Fair Trade Locksmith Directory is the ultimate source for locating a fully trained, professional, cheap locksmith in your area. Every locksmith included has the skill and experience to handle your security needs.

What a Fair Trade Locksmith Can Do for You

Lock Installation

  • Deadbolt lock
  • Security lock
  • Keypad lock
  • Maglock
  • Push button locks
  • Mortise lock
  • EAX-500 installation

Lock Repair

  • Door lock
  • Lock rekeying
  • Electronic locks
  • Magnetic door locks
  • Master lock
  • Deadlock
  • Pick lock

Door Installation

  • Door frame installation
  • Commercial door hardware

Door Jamb Repair

  • Door frame repair
  • Hinge replacement
  • Panic bar installation and repair

Upgrade Your Security

You might want to upgrade your lock and key system to a more secure system. You could invest in keyless entry, master key systems, high security locks, door closers, like concealed door closers, and panic devices, such as a panic exit device.

There are many other options available, including:

  • Door access control
  • Badge readers
  • Alarmed exit devices
  • Crash bars
  • Interchangeable cores, including small and large I/C core systems
  • MultLock and Schlage Primus restricted keyways

For a Fair Trade Locksmith in your area, consult the Fair Trade Locksmiths Directory. You will be sure to find a legitimate, affordable professional to help you with key duplication and much more.

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