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A safe can help keep cash, weapons, and valuables secure in your business or home. When shopping for one, you should know what options you have. You need to consider the size safe you require first. When you decide that, it’s time to think about what kind of locking system you want it to have.

There is no fail-proof safe lock. You need to make sure that you have a qualified safe locksmith for those times. One resource is available that lists only the legitimate professional locksmiths for your area. Trust the Fair Trade Locksmith Directory for only the most skilled, fully insured locksmiths with the security of your valuables.

Choosing the Right Safe Lock for Your Business or Home

There are many kinds of safe locks available today. Understanding a little bit about each kind will help you make a better decision.

Mechanical Safe Dials

image of a mechanical safe combination dial

Using our Directory, you can find a certified local locksmith who can repair, replace and unlock your mechanical safe combination dials.

For well over a hundred years, the mechanical safe dial has been protecting valuables for homes and businesses. Though it is not a new design, it has its advantages over modern technology.

Its biggest advantage is that, as long as it is serviced by a locksmith every two to three years, you will probably not have a problem with it. The low maintenance and dependability of these locks makes them a popular choice for many.

The biggest disadvantage to mechanical safe dials is that they are tedious to open. It takes a while to get used to the back and forth of the dial to get it open, if you aren’t used to it. You will need to keep the safe combinations handy, until you get more familiar with it.

If you don’t have your mechanical dial maintenance routinely, they will eventually fail. A safe locksmith will be needed to get it open. If they cannot open the safe with the dial, drilling into the safe will be needed. You will need to replace the dial lock, which is expensive.

You can find a cheap home safe with a mechanical dial locking system. American made gun safes, combination home safes, and jewelry safes can be installed, repaired, and serviced by a local professional safe locksmith. Commercial safes with a dial lock, like a bolt down safe, can also be installed in your business.

Choose this type of safe lock only if you are committed to keeping it properly serviced, minimal though it is. If you do this, it could last the rest of your life.

Digital Safe Locks

image of a small safe with a digital combination lock

Use our directory to find a local locksmith who can service and repair your digital safe locks. If you’ve forgotten your combination, an experienced locksmith can reset it quickly, with a combination of your choosing.

A basic electronic safe lock for a home safe is an inexpensive upgrade. These safe locks can be used on a wall safe, floor safe, gun safe, or safe box.

These locks typically come with a single user code. One advantage of an electronic safe lock is that it is very easy to open, if you have the code. They are quicker to open, which makes them perfect for emergency situations.

When a digital safe lock fails, your locksmith will handle it differently than a mechanical dial failure. Instead of having to drill into the safe to get in, often, the exterior circuit board is the issue. The outer part can be simply removed and replaced by a locksmith.

This is a much cheaper fix than with a mechanical dial lock. While these locks do fail from time to time, they are much easier and less expensive to have repaired.

Electronic Lock Upgrades

If you’re looking for higher security from your safe, there have been many new technological advances made. Here are a few of them, along with a bit of information on each one.

  • Biometric Safe Locks: With one of these you can use your fingerprint scan to get into the safe. The technology makes it much harder for an unauthorized person to access your safe. However, these locks often give false negative and false positive results.
  • Entry Time Delays: This feature is intended to help in case you are robbed. The timer can be set for a delay of up to 99 minutes, so the burglar will have to wait for the safe to be accessible. Most thieves want to make the robbery fast, and this could discourage them or make them wait for the police to show.
  • Multiple Access Codes: This is perfect for businesses because it means that two or more codes must be entered to open the safe. With two employees present, they can ensure that neither one is up to any harm.
  • Multiple User Codes: In this feature, each person who accesses the safe has their own code. With this system, if someone leaves, only their code needs to be deleted.
  • Timed Open-Door Alert: This alarm lets you know that the safe has been open past the set time limit.
  • Dual Electronic and Manual Locks: Each type of lock has its own advantages. The electronic lock is easier to use, but the mechanical lock potentially lasts much longer. So, why not use both? With dual safe locks, you have another way to open your safe if your electronic lock should fail.

What a Professional Safe Locksmith Can Do for You

Your safe locksmith should be able to take care of all your safe issues, including:

  • Safe delivery, service, and installation
  • Safe opening
  • Electronic safe lock installation
  • Repairing safe handle
  • Safe cracking
  • Change safe combination
image of 4 types of safes: wall, freestanding floor safes, in-floor safe, and gun safes

If you’re in the market for a safe for your home or business, you’ll want to find a local, experienced locksmith who can help you choose the perfect type for your needs. Depending on your needs you can have one of these types installed: wall, freestanding floor safe, in-floor safe, or a gun safe.

Finding the Right Safe Locksmith

Whether you need a new safe, safe repair, or combo changes for your home or business, there are definite advantages to working with a local safe locksmith. So, where can you find a listing of only the legitimate, skilled, and insured locksmiths?

With all the scammers out there, you need a guide that includes only the locksmiths with proper training, insurance, and experience. The Fair Trade Locksmith Directory is the ultimate source for scam-free, dependable locksmiths in your area. When you choose a locksmith from us, you are guaranteed that:

  • Your locksmith will be extensively trained.
  • Your locksmith will have honest and affordable pricing.
  • Your locksmith will provide professional service.

Your safe locksmith can help you choose the right Liberty Safe, Amsec Safe, Sentry Safe, Champion Safe, or Hollon Safe for your needs. Check the Fair Trade Locksmith Directory for a qualified locksmith in your area.

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