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If you’re like most bike owners, you take pride in owning your motorcycle. You try your best to take good care of it and hope you will never have a problem. But, when you do have a problem with your motorcycle, you need a locksmith you can trust to fix your problem. Look for a locksmith who is listed in the Fair Trade Locksmiths directory who can provide a variety of motorcycle locksmith services and will be there quickly to fix your bike. From key replacement to ignition repair and everything in between, a motorcycle locksmith will take care of you and get you on your way. Services are provided for all makes and models of motorcycles so contact a locksmith when you need top-notch motorcycle locksmith services.

Motorcycle Key Replacement

image of a key in a BMW motorcycle ignition

A licensed locksmith can make copies of your existing motorcycle key, or create a new one if you’ve lost all your copies.

When you lose your motorcycle key or a key breaks, then you have a problem. You have a couple options for your motorcycle key replacement. You could go to the dealer for motorcycle key replacement. You’ll get a new key, but it won’t come cheap. A dealer provides services at premium prices because they must make a high profit off any service they provide. If you’re interested in saving money, but receiving superior service, your best option is to find a locksmith in the Fair Trade Locksmiths directory. You’ll get motorcycle key replacement for a fraction of the cost that a dealer will charge you. Motorcycle keys can be made for any make or model including:

  • Tubular Harley Davidson keys
  • Chipped motorcycle keys

Don’t waste your money getting a key made from the dealer. Fair Trade Locksmiths provide quality keys that won’t break the bank. No matter what type of key you need, when you need to replace your motorcycle key, you need an experienced locksmith that will replace your keys quickly so you can be on your way.

Motorcycle Ignition Repair

image of a motorcycle ignition and keys

Fair Trade Locksmith Directory can help you find a local locksmith to repair and replace your motorcycle ignition.

If you need to repair your motorcycle’s ignition, a locksmith listed in the Fair Trade Locksmith directory can help you. Problems with the ignition will become more noticeable over time as parts become worn. You may need ignition repair if the ignition is difficult to turn over or the key doesn’t want to fit in the ignition. This problem occurs when the internal components of the ignition become damaged. Since these parts are made of metal, frequent use will wear down the metal over time and lead to damage that results in the problems you now have. The motorcycle locksmith will take the ignition apart and replace the damaged or worn parts. The ignition will then be reassembled and work like new.

Rekey Your Motorcycle Locks

There are situations where you’ll want to consider rekeying your motorcycle. For instance, if something has happened and you’ve lost your motorcycle key, you could simply use your spare and have a copy of the spare made as a back-up key. But, if you don’t have a spare, then that means there is a key out there somewhere that goes to your bike. And, if someone finds that key and knows that it belongs to you, they could steal your bike. You can avoid this situation by rekeying your motorcycle so that the lock will work with a new key. To rekey your motorcycle, a locksmith will remove the cylinder from the lock and use special tools to adjust the pins to fit the new key. If you try to rekey your bike yourself, you risk causing damage to the lock. Therefore, this job is best left to a professional locksmith.

Gas Cap Lock and Key

If your gas cap fails, your best bet is to install a locking gas cap. A gas cap can fail due to wear and tear because of frequent use. Fuel can leak from a damaged gas cap. The professionals that you will find in the Fair Trade Locksmiths directory can choose a gas cap lock and key combination that will work with your bike. The benefit to having a locked gas cap is that:

  • No one can steal gas from your bike
  • The locking mechanism ensures the gas cap is tightly secured to ensure gas doesn’t leak

You can rest assured that we a locksmith will have all the tools necessary to quickly and efficiently install your locking gas cap so you’ll be able to enjoy maximum fuel efficiency without worrying if someone is trying to steal your gasoline.

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If you’re looking for a reliable locksmith near you, then look no further than the Fair Trade Locksmiths directory. Because the Fair Trade Locksmith directory is the number one source to find a locksmith that is legitimate, skilled, insured and scam-free, you can rest assured you’re getting quality service at a fair price. You can find a local locksmith with extensive training at an affordable price.

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