State of the Union

The Locksmith Trade is in danger and we need your help to ensure the viability of the Locksmith profession for another 50 years and beyond.

Our Businesses Are In Trouble!

Money is being lost daily. What the scammers haven’t taken, the bad economy has. Legitimate and truthful locksmiths need to ban together for the future of the locksmith industry, as we know it.

The scammers have organized on a national level and are increasingly efficient when it comes to advertising, market share, central dispatch, lead farming and parts purchasing.If you abide by the Fair Trade Locksmith Code, please join with us and counter these trends. Help us reach a minimum of 500 lock shops, representing every state in the country.

What We Have To Overcome

Three connected problems:

  1. The scammers who populate the search engines with false locations and fictional companies.
  2. The search engines themselves who allow these listings without verification, which, you could say, aids and abets scammer activity. Both of these factors alone have reduced our business revenue by over 20%.
  3. The terrible economy.