Your Opportunity

This is Your Opportunity to join other legitimate, Fair Trade Locksmiths. We are growing in numbers and every new locksmith we verify, helps grow the directory to fight the scammers.

As real locksmiths, we have the upper hand against scammers, we just need to mobilize correctly.Fair Trade Locksmiths does not have ‘favorite locksmiths’ or ‘take sides’. The only side we take is of the real, Fair Trade Locksmiths.

Your Opportunity To Grow

Smart business tools have been created to foster growth for each business. Fair Trade is a marketing and advertising company. Locksmith marketing is what we do. As industry insiders, we do it at a better price and with more attention to detail than any other ‘outside’ marketing firm.

Click here to download the PowerPoint slides.

Improve Your Online Presence

Get assistance with your Website, SEO, Google Maps, Social Media Presence, Customer Marketing, and Overtime Call Answering.